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The museums of Armenia and Artsakh Content

This guidebook presents the 124 museums currently operating in the RA and the 18 museums in NKR. The guidebook includes state, community and non-governmental museums, founded by legal entities and individuals. It provides the most necessary information about the museums, providing an opportunity to form an idea about each museum (departmental affiliation, contact information, rendered services, history of foundation, size of the collection, then by the form of ownership - state, community, and non-governmental (in accordance with the RA draft Law on the "Museums and the RA Museum Funds"), and is presented in alphabetical order. Also a list of private collections that operate as museums are included in this guidebook.

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Language՝Armenian, English
Genre`The Armenian Genocide in Literature
Forming`Marine Mkrtchyan, Vanuhi Zakaryan, Ani Avagyan
Translator`Hasmik Ghazaryan
Publisher`"AREDIT" pulishing house
Number of pages՝268 page.
Size՝70x100 1/8 mm
Publishing address՝Yerevan