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Karabakh conflict
 The pogroms of Armenians in Baku and Yelisavetpol provinces in 1918-1920. This collection of documents and materials is a continuation of the book published in 2003, which includes documents related to the massacre by Turkish troops and the Azerbaijani government.
 Azerbaijan: vandalism, as always Hayk Demoyan At the beginning of the 21st century, Azerbaijan has destroyed the cultural heritage of Armenia.
 Nagorno-Karabakh. How it was Alexander Manasyan, Alen Ghevondyan The aim of this study is to present objectively the background of the Karabakh conflict , the roots and bases of formation of the process, the current situation by the historical, legal and...
 The Armenians and Baku. Dadayan Kh. The book described the documentary story of a talented and creative Armenian community of Baku. Here is presented the enormous contribution made by Armenians to the establishment of the oil...
 The Polygon Azerbaijan Aris Ghazinyan The book used photos of open access, as well as from the personal archives of the author